Top 10 best comedy movies 2021

hello everyone, this time comedy movies make a craze among young people. if you are looking for comedy movies then in this article we are going to make a list of the top 10 best comedy movies of 2021.

in 2021 many movies were released on the ott platform and in cinema halls. but we find the best comedy movies that make your holiday great. and if you want to watch this movie with your family then we put some family movies also you can watch this movie with your friends and family also

Top 10 best comedy movies
Top 10 best comedy movies

if you are really searching for comedy movies then our list definitely impresses you.

10 best comedy movies

1. Fatherhood –

fatherhood is a comedy drama movie. this is a family movie. after his wife died her heartbroken husband dealt with many problems and takes care of his newborn baby. he changes the baby’s diaper and faces a new adventure. in other words, he lives fatherhood.

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2. Plan B

plan b is a comedy film. plan b is a movie about teenage girls who want to se,x before their countdown. they face many problems for their target. they plan for it. this movie is a comedy movie about high school.

3. The map of tiny perfect thing –

The map of tiny perfect thing is a comedy drama movie . this is a time-loop movie. in this movie a boy and a girl’s daily life is on the same day. but after they realize this is a loop they work to make their everyday perfect.

4. Cruella

Cruella is a crime and drama movie. this film is about fashion and old times. in this movie, we watch an emission of a girl is convert her completely.

5. the suicide squad

this a comedy, crime, and superpower movie. this movie are about dangerous criminals. they make a team of some powerful people and send them to an island for a mission.

6. the french dispatch

this is an anthology comedy film. that is about an American newspaper movie, in this movie we saw some love and media company.

7. Free guy –

Free guy is a comedy and science fiction movie. this movie is about games and movies, in this movie they make a game and the character of the game is living his life. he gets alive. after that he is thinking about everything and meets a girl in the game. she is a human who is playing the game.

8. Ghostbusters: afterlife –

Ghostbuster : afterlife is a supernatural comedy film. in this movie, a group of students and a teacher make a device. this device is about ghosts and the supernatural. they find a van of ghostbusters and catch ghosts.

9. don’t look up –

don’t look up is a science fiction comedy movie. this movie is about a scientist who finds an astronaut. that is coming near earth. this movie presents a serious condition in a way of comedy.

10. Licorice Pizza –

Licorice pizza is a comedy drama movie. this is about teenage love and a trip. teenagers affect others’ life with their young love and fun. if you want to watch a movie about young love then this is a good movie to watch.

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